Safety & Rules

Safety & Rules

As a functioning member of USA Boxing, any, and all practices are required to be supervised by a USA Boxing certified coach.

Coaching certifications are acquired by completing the USA Boxing certification program. This is training that needs to be completed and then retested every 2 years. The training includes the basics of boxing instruction, the rules, and the medical training necessary to supervise and teach the sport of boxing including the identification of concussions.

USA Boxing also has its concussion protocol, which is due to its rules, more stringent than those of other Simpson or college sports and for the sake of safety Simpson Boxing abides by all of them. Additional NCBA rules include:

  • Club recognition and oversight by colleges
  • Limit on prior experience
  • Rule changes approved by membership
  • More weight classes with less differential between classes
  • Pre-matched bouts for all home shows and invitationals
  • Eligibility limits on experience prior to attending college and joining the NCBA
  • Headgear is required
  • 12oz gloves for all weight classes
  • All Bouts contested in 3 x 2 minute rounds
  • Annual physicals and pre/post-match exams
  • USA Boxing certified coaches

Club members fall into one of two categories, competitors and non-competitors, both are required by USA boxing to sign release forms and purchase the mandatory insurance coverage offered on an annual basis through USA Boxing. Any and all events hosted by the club will be covered by the club’s own policy which is purchased annually as part of joining and operating within the college division USA Boxing.

Simpson will not be liable for any occurrences that take place within the functions of the club, practicing, competing or otherwise.

Competitors insurance and registration is $25 annually. Non-competitors are $15.

The most recent rules and regulations, as well as the Safety section of the NCBA website, can be found here.