Competition and Joining

Competition and Joining

Our club is as a member of NCBA must comply to all NCBA regulations. This includes registering with USA Boxing to participate in Simpson Univeristy boxing practices. To register with NCBA and join the Simpson University Boxing Club as a member, insurance is mandatory, competitors insurance and registration is $65 annually. Members must register with USA Boxing by clicking here.

Find more information regarding joining as well as a guide for completing registration go here.


For perspective members and boxing enthusiasts, our practices are meant to challenge you physically and mentally to catalyze you spiritually. Not everyone who trains must compete, but everyone who competes must spar.

Training for competing with other schools will include sparring. This is a healthy, respectful and safe practice with its own rules through USA Boxing. All participants must wear protective headgear, mouthpiece, and 16-ounce gloves. The coach must be present and be running the practice, but it is a supervised activity with an emphasis on skill building, not hurting the other person.

For information regarding the safety of sparring training please refer to our “Safety” page.